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This image is both eerie and captivating at the same time. The lines are strong and confident making the overall composition even more ...

All the elements of the background and foreground work together to create a polished and dramatic result. The mountains move up working...

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10 Years on DA!
The amazing artists featured here are:

:iconflowerhippie22: :iconkimi-parks: :iconandriymarkiv: :iconjilllenad: :iconmellodee: :iconaizawakun: :iconmidnight-heaven12: :iconpatrixster: :iconincaseof: :iconspewingzombies: :iconchaos0892: :iconlife-in-alaska: :iconaveragephotographer: :icontoshirokarin1000: :iconpast1978: :icona-kid-at-heart: :iconbanjelerp: :iconclairebearer: :iconicedteaa: :iconhalemote:

Summer is officially here!

After a long winter it's time to de-thaw and absorb some of that summer heat! First some refreshingly cool reminders.
Ice by midnight-heaven12  under sea by midnight-heaven12  Cool Camera by Patrixster  Icecold by InCaseOf

And now the Summer HEAT

Are you ready?
Dog Days of Summer by flowerhippie22  Blue Mind by flowerhippie22  Anhinga by flowerhippie22  Cute Little Garden Helper by flowerhippie22  Sunset Surf by IcedTeaa  125 More Days - Day 72 - Off A Cliff by Kimi-Parks  125 More Days - Day 39 - A Lazy Day on Ootu Beach by Kimi-Parks  125 More Days - Day 17 - Para-Para-Paradise by Kimi-Parks  125 More Days - Day 16 - A Home Away from Home by Kimi-Parks  :sandcastle: by clairebearer  Girls on beach by AndriyMarkiv  summer holidays by AndriyMarkiv  waves by AndriyMarkiv  sunset by AndriyMarkiv  :beach: by a-kid-at-heart  105-desert by JillLenaD  104-beach by JillLenaD  Purple beach 108 by JillLenaD  84 Rocky beach by JillLenaD  Leaving Reksenea by JillLenaD  Beach Life by Banjelerp  Kaena Point - Hawaiian Monk Seal by aizawakun  Kaena Point - Crabby Krabby by aizawakun  Kaena Point - Rocky Waves by aizawakun  Kaena Point - Something Hidden by aizawakun  Kaena Point - Rocks on the Beach by aizawakun  Rock Dove Bathing by Chaos0892  Cooling down Elephant  by Life-in-Alaska Lambs by Mellodee

Popcicles by SpewingZombies  Cuba Libre by AveragePhotographer  Climb to tropical by TOSHIROKARIN1000  Soft Drinks by PaSt1978  Mojito Party by PaSt1978  Electric blue by PaSt1978  Mojito by PaSt1978

Grab something refreshing, relax and enjoy the :sun: parasol and towel opn beach  TTOCI GIF 1 by HalEmote

Self Promotion:  Volley Dogs by Monseo Emergency Responder by Monseo  The Lazy Days of Summer by Monseo
I'll be working on a few more of these, one of them is guarenteed to be used in the donation widget on my profile.
It's tucked away at the bottom, just above where you leave comments ;)
I've also figured out how to display source code on DA, this should come in very handy in the future!

You can copy and paste the code if you want to use it in your donation widget.…

(Fun House Fries, Copy+Paste the code after the preview)

<a href=""><img src="" width="400"/></a>

(Terrestrial Turtle Dove Messenger, Copy+Paste the code after the preview)

<a href=""><img src="" width="400"></a>


Have a great day everyone!

If it's been quieter lately, you just may see what I've been hiding in my stash. soon.

Also: WackyTrippyHippie is running win 10,500pt in prize! Draw my characters contest! up to July 1st, 2018.
Can you draw something like this ROSES ARE RED AND SO IS THE DEVIL?

And, BlueSpiritFire1 is running [OPEN] Draw my OC contest 300$ up to ~August 1st, 2018.

:iconsuzarte01:  Rorschach diary, tokyo by suzarte01   Peter Gunn Theme by suzarte01  Surviving by suzarte01  Dark Side of the Moon by suzarte01

:iconkibbitzer:  Corgi reference sheet by Kibbitzer  Body types reference sheet by Kibbitzer  Reference sheets collection 2 by Kibbitzer  May reference sheets by Kibbitzer

:icondevanmuse:  Chapter 10: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - 1 by DevanMuse  Chapter 11: All The Things She Said - 1 by DevanMuse  Chapter 11: All The Things She Said - 3 by DevanMuse  Chapter 11: All The Things She Said - 4 by DevanMuse

:iconriskieknits:  Ash Inspired Hat by RiskieKnits  Goomba Inspired Hat by RiskieKnits  Wizzrobe Inspired Hat by RiskieKnits  Overcast Vest by RiskieKnits

:icongreatqueenlina: Giant flowers by GreatQueenLina  Spellbook by GreatQueenLina  Spellbook by GreatQueenLina  Story about witch_4 by GreatQueenLina

:icontwilightsaint:  Comish - The Wild Blue by TwilightSaint  Comish - Mountain Wanderer by TwilightSaint  Personal - I Feel My Temperature Rise by TwilightSaint  Bust Comish - Peace Overturned by TwilightSaint

:iconstealthnachos:  YCH completed for Arrcrao! by StealthNachos  Commission completed for Hendak by StealthNachos  Older work! by StealthNachos  February's Patreon Illustration by StealthNachos 

:iconapofiss:  to do list! by Apofiss  looting goodies by Apofiss  mini scene ( wallpaper ) by Apofiss  morning shower by Apofiss

:iconomgitssomething: Don't Care by OMGitsSomething  Things Go Wrong by OMGitsSomething  Black Magic by OMGitsSomething  Ouija Board by OMGitsSomething

:icon: open slot

Want to be added? leave a comment below.

The One Word all mediums contest deadline has come and passed, good luck to my fellow deviants who entered ;)

DA being filled with all sorts of generous people, here are 2 contests that are still open, that you may want to take a look at.
The 1st one, all mediums, with the theme of dogs.
The 2nd, perhaps for people leaning more towards OC's.

  1.  Saturday, May 26, 2018
  2. July 1st
  3. ~May 21

Choices, choices..
(art feature after contest info and links)

ThumbHub May Contest!Come one, come all... It's time for the next ThumbHub contest! And you only have 3 weeks to get those entries in
Spring is a wonderful time of year, at least in the northern hemisphere. The weather is getting warmer, all signs of snow are vacating the area, and... dogs are shedding. That last bit may not be super grand but it was a good segway into the theme of this month's contest!
If you have spent any time in the :#ThumbHub: chat, you are probably aware that we are a large group of dog lovers. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and who does not love a good doggo hug?! Dogs are also known to be giant goofballs--similar to most of the ThumbHub users, amirite--and can end up in some pretty hilarious situations. Hence the theme of this month's contest:
Dogs in Awkward Situations
Yep. We want you to create artwork of any medium that is all about our four-legged friends in awkward situations. They may
  10k points contest! 24 DAYS LEFTDraw this satanic duo :heart: they're evil and edgy.

 Rosecharacters to drawRose

Rose deadlineRose 
[July 1st 2018]
Rose prizesRose 
1st place: 
1 year core membership and 800 points, or 4800 points! (You choose) 
A full painting piece!
A page-doll
2nd place:
1 year core membership or 4000 points!  (You choose) 
A full-shaded piece!
A page-doll
3rd place: 
3 months core membership or 1200 points! (You choose) 
A flat-coloured piece!
4th place:
1 month core membership and 100 points or
 ..  ROSES ARE RED AND SO IS THE DEVIL by WackyTrippyHippie

you can find my entry to the ThumbHub May Contest @ the end, or in my gallery.
or find all the submissions here.

<da:thumb id="745092180"/> <-- an interesting idea for a giveaway.

Groups Showcase

Are you brave? want to see four weeks of group submissions condensed down to 6 journals? Then check out the links below.

:iconwhimsical-by-nature: : also working to build up the collection here, membership is automatic !

Groups Mini FeaturesAs the one word contest slowly comes to an end, it's time to take a look at the highlights of some groups!
First a little background, after joining/watching a few..
I now have a months worth of artwork to sift through (Some may even be active enough to warrant a full side feature, the links to those will be included here ).
:iconallartunited: All Art United : Full Feature
  Spider Cart by htkpeh Art Is Love : Full Feature:iconart--is--love:
From darkness comes light.
IRIDIS LUNERVANA (REQUEST) by OozartTools of the Trade - Hearthstone by JayAxerElder Scrolls Legends : Morag Tong Aspirant by oyasumi75Psycho by TreC101The Gray Ones by KpecT18
ORI by Jaacqs4 by DzethIndifference by DzethMitya by Vincent-Engelmann002 by Malen-kiyPray by grimcattLord of Chaos by ArtOfI-Icysoldier from the sand by EpicRed
Dear Esther by Ttv22Red Eagle's Sword by ElrahinDark by ProfessorBroomheadDas Wurmloch by thobarThe Frontline ( Space troops series ) by panjooolFuture city concept by EsendiWST - Survivors of the Shatter by UrnamBOTOut of the dark by martinateraBritannic at night by Eliott-ChacocoWreck of the Britannic by Eliott-ChacocoGreen Loto by PablobellasFoggy_2 by StarleleLeilani by Nightroxy
  Hunger by MarquisAmon All Without Limits : Full Feature:iconall-without-limits:
Sharing just some of the creativity from the members of this group, with some heavy vintage treats from the the past, expressive emotionally charged work, and the technically masterful.
Vignettes From Birdland VI by Yesterdays-PaperPlymouth's Finest for 1942 by Yesterdays-Paper1961 Rambler Classic Sedan by Yesterdays-Paper'55 Plymouth Belvedere Sport Coupe by Yesterdays-PaperClassic VW Beetle by Yesterdays-Paper1961 Oldsmobile F-85 by Yesterdays-Paper1955 Buick Super Riviera Sedan by Yesterdays-PaperJohn Lennon | 2012 by CharaMouschouOf dark grove... by thewolfcreek
Untitled by 4thWinter Big man by MaresaSinclairJoy by MaresaSinclairfalling to pieces by fillouuPlague Doctor by its-astromanticStars Of The Earth by Yesterdays-PaperNight Scene Postcards - Granby Street Norfolk VA by Yesterdays-Paper
Offspring by nickblebSakratei by Sincker
Patrick Bateman - American Psycho (Christian Bale) by kevinsbrush  Submit That Art : Full Feature:iconsubmitthatart:
And now taking a look at, Submit That Art.
back by Rash228Sleeping Child by sujithputhranartistInk Well Witch by OddeumThe Mysterious Town of Oak Hill ~ illustration 1 by RICHI-RIThe Reality Of A Portrait by Aex-Photographythe comfy one by inkpiinAutumn by WonderWaldFlowers and peaches by PrusRuslanBirdie by JackHargreavcan it be spring again ? by fillouuA Deep Red, And A Somber Blue Are Ever Present by Aex-PhotographyOld Bridge by NanockDesignGreenPath by Woaicha2018-043 by DominiqueVialWhole Cake Luffy by TechDissidencesomething's fishy by gdeozhavSliding-system by watchover-artVoice Of Summer Fields by Soulanalandscape3 by AndreshimasStyx NPC: Torturer by YokaMyceliumTHE CRAZIES (1973) by xojotaxTogether Forever by Starfire-Productions
Ego08 by tjet72  All Art United : Full Feature:iconallartunited:
Sharing some highlights from my fellow deviants in All Art United, photography followed by the other mediums, since this one is a longer one.
Tongariro by mARTinimalTorsfjorden by Dave-DerbisBlueberry Days by MarvinDiehllava fields III by roblfc1892Into the Golden by Miguel-SantosAutumn stroll by PauloPPereiraFox pup by Vladimir-ZPeace In My Soul by sueznWalk Away by DavidMnrAraniella cucurbitina - female by TheFunnySpiderQeshm Island- Valley of the Stars by CitizenFreshCheonjeyeon Waterfall - South Korea - Jeju Island by FuriousxrElven Forest by JoniNiemelaEleutheropolis II by ValeriyaSegalCome out, come out by PumpkinSurgeonBlind(s). by 8momentsThe End of the Era of Splendor by AbandonedZoneLes Parapluies De Fresnay Sur Sarthe by hubert61
  .... by MozolewskiMichal Discover Arts : Full Feature:icondiscoverarts:
Sharing some of the highlights from my fellow deviants in Discover Arts.
Dino Cat by Kichi--WaflesHungry by TheMaustonWarmth by Ink-LeviathanPsyche by ramuramuReflections (Weekly CG Contest Entry) by QuarkBlastthaw by HiroshiHamadaStreet Fashion Actions 3 by ViktorGjokajwhite cherry blossoms by faerieduskeSecret Passage by faerieduskeTime and Space by NuclearOctoberManufactured Human by ravinsilverlockCheshire by CheshireCat294Sunny:Final Cut by FluffyNephilimEmz:AliceAngel by EmzRozePocahontas by Douglas-BicalhoOf walk in meadow by by SniffFilmMechanical Skull by MerlinsDarkArtAndroid's Tears by DragelansGuardia Nebula by DiegolasRenDark ages|When the hard day is over by DanStroggBastard Factory by Drewz92Sian Mandrake Thething by SianMandrakeEmptiness by DanStrogg
Time and Space by NuclearOctober

Volley Dogs


Say kimchi, it's time for your million dollar smile.

Pencil portrait of an Ari girl by LateStarter63   Pencil portrait of Gior by LateStarter63
If carbonated bubbles could tell a story... 

Rainbow Halls by Dr-Pen   Daily 30 by Dr-Pen
The most unhelpful heat wave, companion.

it's to HOT by ZinChano   Meercat pillow by ZinChano



Artist | Varied
When I'm not programming these days you can typically find me near a sketchbook/tablet, or with photoshop/illustrator/gimp/inkscape/blender open on the desktop.





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